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Retention is 26% higher for employees who use TIFIN @Work

The TIFIN @Work Account helps employees reach their savings goals with a little help from you.

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Manufacturing and Warehousing

Employees’ top financial concern is an emergency expense. Not retirement. Not debt. (PwC Study)

You offer competitive wages and benefits but experienced employees still leave without warning. They take a signing bonus or a $1 raise across the street. TIFIN @Work helps employees save $1,000+ per year so they can afford an inevitable unplanned expense. No more losing employees because of their personal finances.

JL Audio is a 650 person audio manufacturing company based out of Miami, FL.

“If we can give a set of our employees some financial stability - I’m certain that they will be more productive in the workplace.” -Robert O. CFO

JL Audio offers TIFIN @Work to help their hourly workforce save $1,000 for an emergency and beyond.

“When we brought on the emergency savings account as a benefit for our employees, we hoped that whoever signed up would be able to save a little bit of money and eventually have a substantial rainy day fund and be in better financial health. And it’s exactly what we hoped would happen. It’s exciting to see employees consistently signing up and saving money with TIFIN.” - Robert O. CFO

The average JL Audio employee saves $1,440 per year with TIFIN @Work.


The labor market is competitive and expensive. TIFIN @Work is an inexpensive way to align incentives and retain top talent.

Align your employees’ personal goals with employment to increase job satisfaction and loyalty. TIFIN @Work helps employees see a path to home ownership, a new car, a family through saving money from each paycheck.

“I think there’s a need for additional financial products that we can provide other than our 401k plan. Emergency savings differentiates us in the market for retention and recruiting.” - Tim C. Head of Benefits at Western Union


No 401k? No problem.

TIFIN's flexible employee savings program helps employees reach their goals.

VMP is a popular subscription-box startup based in Denver, CO. VMP does not offer a 401k or retirement plan because of the makeup of their business. 

VMP offers TIFIN's emergency savings account to help their employees save for emergencies and important goals: an insurance deductible, a mortgage down payment, and a car to get to work.

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