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Challenger turns banking into a super-powered financial wellness perk for your employees.

Banking is the center of employees’ financial lives, making the bank the perfect place to offer your employees financial wellness tools they will actually use.

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Show Your Employees You Care

Savings is a Priority
According to PwC, employees’ top financial concern is “Not having enough emergency savings for unexpected expenses”.
Avoid Losses From Employee Financial Stress
Financial stress leads to mistakes at work, absenteeism, and lost motivation costing up to 15% of an employee’s salary.

The Financial Wellness Platform

Empower Your Employees For Better Individual Financial Outcomes
Be the reason your employees become financially well
Provide your employees with the tools they need to be financially well. Financial Wellness starts with the bank employees use!
Track your Challenger Program
See how your Challenger Banking program is doing. See who is using financial wellness tools and how often.
Leverage Engagement Data
Download reports of employee engagement data from your Challenger Program. Use this data to generate custom reports, or to reward active employees!

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