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Challenger helps employees save for

Employees set aside an average of $1,532 per year with Challenger.
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What Our Customers Say

"Savings is the most important thing so I make sure all of my employees sign up."

Operations Supervisor at Manufacturing Company

"I use Challenger so that I don’t have to think about saving money, it’s just automatically debited and I’m using it to save for an unexpected expense with my kids."

Compliance at Technology Company

"Challenger makes it so that I don’t need to take money out of my 401k."

Analyst at Fortune 500

"I’m saving for a down payment on a house."

Manager at Logistics Company

"Challenger is really easy for our employees to understand and shows them that they can save money."

HR Director at Manufacturing Company

"Challenger gives me the help I need to start saving."

Concierge at Hospitality Company

"My favorite part about Challenger is that it is an automatic way to save."

Production Worker at Manufacturing Company

an unplanned expense.

a high deductible.

a down payment.

a baby on the way.

a car breakdown.

a medical expense.

back to school.

Challenger is an account where employees save with each paycheck automatically.

The Challenger Employer Sponsored Savings Program rewards employees with an employer match based on employee contributions.

✓ Jordan uses Challenger to save a $1,000 emergency fund, just like Dave Ramsey recommends.
✓Sara uses Challenger to save for her baby on the way.
✓Alli uses Challenger to save for her first house with her partner.
✓Ismael recommends Challenger to all of his coworkers because “savings is the most important thing”.

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Trusted by employers who care. About ROI

Save For Emergencies
26% higher retention for employees using Challenger.
Save For Life Events
Employees save $1,532 per year with Challenger on average.

Employee Recommended
Fast and easy implementation. No technical integration required. Launch in two weeks.

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Increased Productivity

According to a study done by MetLife, a company of 10,000 employees loses $115,320 every month because of employee financial stress.
Source: Mercer via MetLife

Increased Retention

1 in 3 employees feel that bank-related financial burdens make them more likely to switch jobs and 82% said they would be more likely to stay at their current job if offered a bank account perk.
Source: Challenger Survey

Employee Satisfaction

Employees who are financially stressed are 32% less satisfied with their current job. Financial wellness offerings increase employee satisfaction.
Source: MetLife


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